Just before it explodes on us

Lashon Hara Lo Medaber Elay presents this monumental art that illustrates the power of negative words that can ruin a person’s entire life.

We often get carried away with negative or impolite words about others on social media networks, on the streets and even at home.

It’s a national mission to reduce violent discourse and to see all the good that unites us all.

The Lashon Hara Lo Medaber Elay association operates with great effort to illustrate the power of the written word, and the potential explosiveness in every word that is written or said about others.

The ‘Keyboard Grenade’ stands out as a warning to anyone approaching the keyboard, in order to emphasize to the viewer’s concious the ease of typing a single word that can possibly cause so much harm, just like releasing the safety pin of a hand grenade.

Artist: Gilad Kenan

Curator: David Halperin

Artistic Advisor: Erez Barkatz

The Keyboard Grenade display is made of aluminium
Measuring 3.2 meters high, 2.5 meters diameter and weighs 400kg
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From production to placement
Watch the construction process
Artist: Gilad Kinan